The I332 Angular Function

This page prepared by Andrew Murray (7th August, 1996)

The following figure shows a 3-D image of the Angular function I332

This is one of the 44 basis angular functions which is used to parameterise the (e,2e) Differential Cross Section for Symmetric Angles

Figure 1. The I332 Angular function shown with the axes used to define the function. For the parameterisation of the (e,2e) Differential cross section, the z-axis is chosen as the incident electron beam direction. The x-axis is chosen to lie in the Detection plane of the analysers. The colour scheme reflects the sign of the function. PURPLE indicates the function is POSITIVE whereas RED indicates that the function is NEGATIVE.

This figure can be downloaded for further perusal as a high resolution EPS file.

The functional form of this angular function is given by

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