M.Sc and Ph.D Opportunities

PhD opportunities:

Each Year, the EPSRC provides some funding for students interested in PhD studies in all research areas of the group. These are very limited in number, so early applications are essential.

Please go the the link here for more information about PhD opportunities in our group.

Email Andrew Murray for information about possibilities, including the latest work we are doing.

For students from overseas, opportunities may arise for funding, however such funding is extremely limited and depends on the University. If you are interested in coming to work with the group in Manchester, you should therefore seek independent funding.

Costs for PhD and MSc work can be found on the university web pages (see Ph.D projects).

M.Sc opportunities:

Potential M.Sc students are also invited to apply, but at present funding is not available for M.Sc's from the EPSRC. You would therefore need to fund your studies independently.